Innovation in Accelererating the Adoption of Technology Related to Sustainable Buildings

Supervisor: Thomas Froese
Paul Save


In order to become more sustainable we will need to develop many innovative technologies. There are many steps along this process including idea creation, implementation, and alteration of mainstream processes. One step to promote development will be to pilot new technologies before introduction to the general public. Although there are barriers to this, one way to alleviate them is to continue UBC’s positioning as a Living Lab. Through this process, barriers to implementation of these technologies can be identified and solutions can be developed.

The focus of this research is to explore the contribution of UBC’s Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) and to develop an implementation “roadmap” of key replicable processes for other universities and municipalities to expand their sustainable practices.  As buildings consume a significant portion of natural resources the buildings themselves and the infrastructure to sustain them will have a particular emphasis.


Business process modelling (BPM) is being used as a base for designing templates of the processes involved with the CLL. The reason for using BPM is twofold: 1) it forces the reduction of information into succinct points, and 2) it also provides a simple tool for visualization which can easily relay information.


Anticipated results include finding key transferable characteristics and converting them into generic BPM templates for other universities and municipalities to utilize. Validation of the templates will likely include using industry experts, and key individuals at other universities and municipalities as well as at UBC.


As the work is yet to be completed there is not yet a conclusion, but one hopeful outcome to this project will be enabling UBC to be a pollinator of the CLL strategy. This will not only aid with keeping UBC abreast of new advancements in the global expansion of the CLL strategy, but facilitate the expansion of sustainable development domestically and internationally.