Trainees- Where are they now?

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VanAir is an architectural product design firm, founded by James Higgins, UBC BApSc and former SBSP trainee, and Vick Yau, UBC BComm. Their first product, the VanAir Ventilated Door, was developed throughout a course project at UBC, and is now available to the mass market, being produced by a reputable North American door manufacturer. Their door product features an integrated silenced ventilation pathway, with a sleek design aesthetic, to provide air transfer between two spaces.


Working and studying as an SBSP trainee helped develop James’s understanding of building science and the fundamentals of research in the field. Under VanAir, he is applying this knowledge and skill set to developing a product mix focused on building ventilation and acoustics.

You can see his product at work in UBC at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability.