GreenCare: Transforming Health Care for a Thriving Environment

Speaker: Glen A. Garrick, MBA, LEED AP O+M, Sustainability Manager, Lower Mainland Healthcare Organizations

Location: Policy Labs, CIRS building, 2260 West Mall

Date and Time:  12-1 PM, Wednesday, January 13


GreenCare, a collaborative program meant to integrate environmental stewardship within staff and the culture of health care, was created by Glen in 2007. GreenCare promotes shared learnings and the efficient use of resources to improve human and environmental sustainability across hospitals and health care sites. It has now been adopted by 4 of the 6 major health authorities in British Columbia. Over the years the GreenCare team has achieved significant success in promoting and implementing several sustainability initiatives in these health care sites. In his talk, Glen will discuss sustainability issues in health care facilities and elaborate on the initiatives that he has been involved in with the GreenCare team.



Graduating with a degree in education, Glen spent four years teaching environmental science to young teenagers. Glen spent the following 10 years providing health care focused humanitarian aid throughout Central America and Africa. It was during this time that Glen had an epiphany concerning our societies disconnect between human and environmental health. Our society is so focused on human health that very little care is given to environmental health, which in turn can negatively impact human health. After a stop in New York City to achieve a degree in Humanitarian Assistance, Glen moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Combining education and experience, Glen joined the health care sector in British Columbia with a goal of bridging the human and environmental care disconnect by integrating environmental conservation into health care services. In 2011 Glen received the TechGREEN Award from the ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC) for his work in using social media to engage and transform health care for environmental conservation.