Sensible Building Science-A Step Towards Smart Buildings

Sensible Building Science (SBS) is a University of British Columbia based start-up in Vancouver, Canada, developing innovative technologies to integrate energy and occupancy dynamics for advance building controls. It was started by former SBSP trainees Stefan Storey and James Montgomery.

Sensible Building Science (SBS) is changing the way buildings operate and use energy with their plug-and-play technology. The technology integrates with building management systems to accurately monitor real-time occupancy data and modify airflow and temperature controls in regular commercial buildings — making them ‘smart’ buildings.

The SBS team has strong capabilities in fundamental building science research and advanced analysis for energy demand side management. They specialize in improving building operations to reduce operation costs and improve the indoor environment. Their solutions include the integrations of real-time data delivery of occupancy dynamics into building management systems to transform buildings into smart and responsive occupant-driven systems.


SBS specializes in data integration to connect real-time occupancy to building management systems. Our technology leverages existing building infrastructure and sensor data to produce direct BAS control for optimization of HVAC controls. Our product delivers energy savings of 2-10% with a return on investment of 200 days or better, faster than almost any energy retrofit system available today. Matching the building operation to occupant needs has the potential to reduce energy consumption while providing the optimal indoor environment.

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