Sensible Building Science-A Step Towards Smart Buildings

Sensible Building Science — making buildings work for people by setting new standards in the indoor environment; better occupant health, comfort and improved energy efficiency

Sustainability Stories

For PhD candidate Ivana Zelenika, sustainability is more than just a word or concept; it’s a fundamental tenet that guides her through both her academic career and day-to-day life

Trainees- Where are they now?

VanAir is an architectural product design firm, founded by James Higgins, UBC BApSc and former SBSP trainee, and Vick Yau, UBC BComm.

Good Good Good Reverberations

Sound may be impossible to see, but a study at the CIRS is tracking it through a technique called Auralization

Lights, Camera, Action on Building Science Research

The Sustainable Building Science Program (SBSP) is undertaking a video project about the research being undertaken by trainees and faculty members.

Sustainable Buildings, Beyond the Label

Sustainable here, go green there: these slogans dominate real estate brochures around our cities. But what do these statements actually mean with regards to the net impact of buildings on surrounding ecosystems? What evidence is there that supports these claims?

More than a Feeling – adopting a “living systems” approach in buildings

Although many resources go into the design, construction, and operation of a physical building, this may not be a complete package for creating great places to live, work, and play.