Heat and Moisture Transfer in Buildings

Ali is a MASc student in department of construction and environment.  After getting his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, he decided to pursue his master’s degree in Building Science program. His MASc research focuses on Experimental Investigation of Heat and Moister Transfer in Multidimensional Building Envelope Details under the supervision of Dr. Fitsum Tariku. As the need for more energy efficient buildings increases so does the need for more accurate modelling tools. Unfortunately, very little experimental research has been conducted in heat and moisture transfer in complex building envelope details.  The outcome of the proposed project will help to advance the development of a more accurate energy simulation tool, which enables designers to close the gap that exists between modelled and actual energy consumption of buildings.

Research interests:
– Heat and moisture transfer in multidimensional building envelope details
– High-performance building envelope systems
– Whole building energy analysis
– Thermal bridges

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Vaseghi A, Engarnevis A, Karoubi S, “Demonstration of Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Unit for the CIRS Building at University of British Columbia (UBC)” 2015 SBSP poster presentation, UBC, Vancouver, Canada