Behzad Shoolestani’s research aims to develop a real-time stakeholder feedback system for SocioBIM, a UBC startup that offers visual analytics solutions to improve the performance of buildings and productivity, happiness and satisfaction of building inhabitants. SocioBIM enables stakeholders to learn about, voice their opinion on, and influence the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings. Shoolestani is in the second year of his Civil Engineering PhD studies and one of the seven aspiring entrepreneurs and UBC Applied Science PhD students who have won full entry into the Applied Science Entrepreneurial PhD (e-PhD) Program.

Supervisor: Professor Thomas Froese

Research interests: Green buildings, Sustainability (Economic, Environmental and Social), Project & Construction Management, Infrastructure Asset Management

Member of the UBC Student Sustainability Council

More than 10 years research and professional work experience:

• IT planning & coordination

• energy trade & risk management

• operational/plant information systems

• computer & network Infrastructure

• asset management & life cycle costing

• statistical (regression) modeling and simulation

• design, optimization and consultancy of hydropower projects (>50 projects)

• earth dam deficiency analysis

Shoolestani, A., Shoolestani, B., Froese, T., Vanier, D.J. (2015). SocioBIM : BIM-to-end user interaction for sustainable building operations and facility asset management. Proceedings of ICSC15: The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 5th International/11th Construction Specialty Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. June 7-10.


Shoolestani, A., Shoolestani, B. (2015). Sustainability thinking in engineering education : data-intensive research, computational sustainability and multidisciplinary research. Proceedings of EESD15: The 7th Conference on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. June 9-12.