For as long as she can remember, Julia has been fascinated with human behaviour, engagement, and finding ways to enhance human well-being. Her research path as a Masters student has led her to explore these passions in the regenerative building context at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS). As an aspiring regenerative building, CIRS aims to not only revitalize and regenerate natural systems, but also social systems, which includes building inhabitant well-being, health, productivity.

To enhance the inhabitant experience within a building and to learn how to best create a positive experience for and with inhabitants at CIRS, Julia conducted a Pre-Occupancy Evaluation survey with inhabitants prior to their move into the building. The research assesses how satisfied inhabitants were in their pre-CIRS work building context, what they had heard about CIRS, and what their expectations were from CIRS. Not only can this data be used to work towards creating more satisfactory experiences for inhabitants, but also as baseline data for future research with inhabitants at CIRS.

  • Human/building inhabitant behaviour, well-being, health and productivity
  • Expectations from an experience within a building
  • Social Sustainability
  • Regenerative Design
  • Living Systems Thinking
  • Regeneration of the human spirit
  • Pre and Post Occupancy Evaluation