Regenerative Sustainability through Community Engagement

1989: Born in Québec

2006:Studied Architecture in Québec

2008: Worked for Greenpeace in New-Zealand

2009: Volunteered as a Project Manager Humanitarian Mobility International in Brazil

2009: Worked as a Substitute Teacher for ‘Commission Scolaire des Draveurs’ in Gatineau, Québec

2010: Worked as a Communication Officer for Environment Canada in Ottawa

2011: Undertook background research for the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2013. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Chapter 3: International Cooperation: Treaties and instruments.

2011: Worked as a Research Scientist on watershed redevelopment for Agriculture Canada in Ottawa

2011: Graduated from an Undergraduate Honours degree in International Development and Globalization at Ottawa University

2012: Started a Masters in Resource Management and Environmental Studies at the University of British Columbia

Volunteers as a Student Representative for the Sustainable Building Science Program

  • Intentional Communities in Urban Settings
  • Regenerative Sustainability

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