Michael Wilkinson was a M. Eng candidate in the UBC Clean Energy Engineering program working with Dr. Eric Mazzi.  He has a BASc. in Mechanical Engineering and a BSc. in Biology from Queen’s University, and research experience in fuel cells, material equipment design, and energy related program planning.  His program work with local government utilizes incentives to improve energy performance in new residential construction.  Michael enjoys athletics and has competed internationally on the Canadian Olympic Rowing Team.

Project Title: Improving Energy Efficiency in Residential Construction: Design of a Green Building Program for the Township of Langley

Supervisor: Dr. Eric Mazzi

Research Interests: Energy Policy, Clean Energy Technologies, Building Sciences

Currently, Michael works as a building science research engineer at RDH building science Inc.

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  • M. Wilkinson et al, “Conducting Current Mapping for a PEM Fuel Cell Through Temperature Measurements”, Poster presented at the Fuel Cell Seminar,Honolulu, Hawaii, November 13-17, 2006