Master of Engineering, 2013
Mina is an alumni in November 2013. She got her Master of Engineering under supervision of Dr. Murray Hodgson, working on a silencer design for an interior natural ventilation opening, specifically located in CIRS building. Previously, she got her Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (Thermo-fluid) from the University of Tehran. She has more than 6 years work experience, including design of ventilation systems for subway tunnels as well as HVAC systems for underground stations. After Moving to Vancouver, she pursued her inherent passion of learning by applying to UBC. Understanding the close interaction of all involving disciplines in a unique building design, she decided to study how to provide “acoustical and thermal comfort”, encompassed by the main goal of sustainability. She is now off to explore the next era of  her life, as a well-trained engineer in the field.

Project title: Optimal Silencer Design For an Interior Natural Ventilation Opening: combined-performance characterization

Supervisor: Dr. Murray Hodgson

Research Interests: Building acoustics, Ventilation and fluid dynamics, HVAC systems design, Energy efficiency, Energy modeling