PhD Candidate
Concrete Materials

Negar is PhD student in the Department of civil Engineering, structural materials group under the supervision of Prof Nemkumar Banthia.

The production of concrete is not an environmentally friendly process.  In order to have sustainable concrete structures, we are looking at the ways of lowering the carbon footprint of concrete by using recycled materials while keeping or enhancing concrete structural properties or developing new green construction materials with low energy cost and high durability.

Research interests:

  • Developing new low carbon foot print construction materials such as Geopolymers
  • Concretes containing recycled materials
  • Innovative repair materials to extend lifespan of infrastructures
  • Fiber reinforced concrete

Project title: Development of sustainable coatings to prevent concrete corrosion

  • Tan KH, Roghanian N,  “Investigating the potential of using recycled aggregate concrete in Singapore”. Keynote lecture,RILEM 2nd international conference on waste engineering and management (ICWEM), Shanghai, 2010.
  •  Tan Kang Hai, Negar Roghanian, “Investigating the Microstructural Properties of Recycled  Concrete”. International conference on high performance concrete and ultra-high performance concrete. Shenzhen, China, 2010.