Academic Collaborator
Sessional – Building Life Cycle Assessment

Rob Sianchuk is a life cycle assessment (LCA) practitioner with four years experience teaching, advising and practicing LCA in industry and academia. He currently consults as a Research Associate with the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute and as a Principal of Coldstream Consulting with professional affiliations to the University of British Columbia, as a Sessional Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department.

Rob’s current roles as a consulting LCA practitioner have developed in the area of whole building LCA.  Notable project work in academia include coordinating the completion of 38 LCA studies of UBC buildings and Olympic venues (for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games Impact study), leading the development of the UBC LCA Database and the integration of LCA into construction planning practices at UBC, as well as and advising UBCs Waste Action Plan.

In industry, Rob’s notable experience include developing brick and fiber cement product manufacturing life cycle inventory information, performing whole building LCA studies on new construction and renovation projects and advising InterfaceFLOR and the Swiss Consulate’s LCA market development strategies.