Samiur Rahman was a M.Eng. candidate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering working with Dr. Steve Rogak. He has a B.Eng. (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from Heriot Watt University and have work experience in the field of energy efficiency consultancy and mining. Samiur’s research experience mostly involve flow assurance for hydrocarbons, nanomaterials, building ventilation and instrumentation.

Project Title: Developing low cost Hot-Wire Anemometer for measuring building ventilation flow-rate

Supervisor: Dr. Steve Rogak

Research Interest: Clean Energy Technologies, Building Science,  Flow Assurance, Fuel Cell Technology

Currently working for Combustion Solutions Inc., an Oil and Gas EPC company, as a Mechanical Engineer-in-Training.
  • Sheikh Mohammad Samiur, R. and Chacko, S., “Improved Paraffin-Deposition-Profile Estimation in Hydrocarbon Pipelines and Effective Mitigation Review”, Oil & Gas Facilities 2 (6): 78–85. SPE-165933-PA (2013)